Iron oxide red will bring you different red world
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       In architectural paint, iron oxide red of high utilization rate, due to its ability to cover, tinctorial yield is high, colour and lustre downy, stable performance, under the condition of the water will not happen with water miscibility, is it happen dissolved, in any climate has to keep the original performance, more resistant to corrosion, and the advantages of ultraviolet light.
       Iron oxide red to a part of the iron oxide pigment, as a pigment or colorants used in all kinds of concrete, using the method is simple, can be used directly in the cement to reconcile.Use in metope, floor, ceiling, spiders station and other fields.Iron oxide red is still widely used, especially the iron red primer with antirust function, can replace some of the high cost of paint, is cost, save metal classes.In color cement products, red is the main pigments, are used as main agent and filler, the performance of the product color obviously.
       In the construction industry, integrated the advantages of iron oxide red was more suitable for use in building the chromatic, low cost and relatively high cost performance, easy coloring, operation is simple, save time and effort.

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