Iron oxide green in detail and using methods
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       Iron oxide green (Fe2O3 ¡¤ H2O) is a very stable chemical properties of chemicals, application is very broad, mainly used in paint, plastics, building materials, construction industry, etc., for the product color, increase product beautiful, at the same time, because of the stable chemical properties, and to protect the goods itself has a relatively objective, equivalent to the product with a layer of protective clothing, recognized by the masses of users, so often can see the product in the market.Paint mainly is often used in industry, building decoration, hengda chemical manufacturer for the following we introduce the application of iron oxide pigments in the paint.
         We usually add iron oxide green pigment to various kinds of coating paint, used for coloring and served as a protection material, such as amino alkyd, nitrocellulose, alkyd resin, and so on.In addition, iron oxide pigments are often used in pencil paint, antirust paint, floor paint, enamel, mixed paint;Finally, iron oxide pigments can also be used for water-based paint, powder paint and plastic coatings, etc.In general, it exists in every aspect of our daily lives.The use of iron oxide green pigments in the paint method is generally divided into wetting, grinding and paint mixing three steps.And paint iron oxide pigments, filling material in ingredients mixing in the channel, with the thick slurry of color, and then according to the different viscosity of slurry with different grinding, grinding equipment and then in the paint mixing tank, adding resin, dry, solvents and other materials which can adjust the scattered paint, color, viscosity, finally filtering, packing into finished products.

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