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        Iron oxide production capacity, demand growth by two ways: one is the ongoing urbanization process in China, more diversified in architectural color.For example on interior and exterior wall paint, increasing applications of warm color to move, for the demand of the pigments in the field of construction laid a solid foundation of growth;Another benefit from a surge of industrial application of market.Especially on corrosion of the ship, and containers, and other industrial coatings in the field of demand growth directly to paint market has injected new vitality.At the same time benefit from China's economic stimulus plan.
         Our country is currently the world's largest iron oxide trading nation, as well as iron oxide production country in the world, with iron as the raw material of iron manufacturing industry, years of iron consumption of more than 70 ten thousand tons, more than RMB 1.4 billion yuan.Iron oxide, heavy pollution and high energy consumption of the traditional production technology in domestic iron oxide products are low quality, high cost, lack of market competitive advantage, rely on innovative technology improve the quality of iron oxide product, enhance the overall development level of the iron oxide industry in China, has been more and more attention of the personage inside course of study.In the face of iron oxide pigments the difficult situation of prices rising, for domestic production enterprises the main iron oxide, on the one hand, increase the intensity of technological upgrading, improve the level of production equipment, improve product quality and efficiency, reduce production cost;On the other hand increased the enterprise internal management, improve management level and the level, and to carry out the plan, multi-level production, technology, management training, strictly control the quality of our products to the management efficiency, enhance market competitiveness and brand influence are urgently needed to solve the problem.

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