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Iron oxide pigment is a kind of inorganic color of material quantity bedding face is wide, it has been widely applied in the, extensive use in
building material, coating, ceramic, plastic stool.
Iron oxide pigment has excellent pigment connectivity:
Have a high chemical stability and physical resistance to prison
1 alkali, in any concentration of alkali and other kinds of alkaline substances, especially construction commonly used cement, lime mortar is
very stable, and the cement construction happened not pulverization effect, also does not affect its strength.
2 acid, for general weak acid and acid class can have certain resistance patience, but also can gradually dissolved in acid, especially under the
condition of the heating and thicker.
3 light, under the strong sunlight insolate color remains the same.
4 heat-resisting, within certain limits of temperature is stable, more than its temperature limit began to change color, with temperature
increasing, the degree of change is increasingly significant.
5 climate impact resistance, and not years, such as dry and wet climate condition of the atmosphere.
6 foul air resistance, in any in the foul gas is very stable, such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon, sulfur oxide and hydrogen chloride oxide, nitrogen oxide and other gases.
7 water resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance and permeability, insoluble in water and various kinds of mineral oil, vegetable oil and other organic solvents, and without infiltration phenomenon.

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