Environmental protection iron oxide pigments wide prospect of market
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      Inorganic pigment refers to natural mineral pigment or inorganic compounds, including iron oxide series pigments is second only to the titanium dioxide inorganic synthetic pigment in the world the importance of the second kind of product production.Iron oxide pigment chromatography is very complete, the commonly used color with iron yellow, iron oxide red, iron brown, iron black, etc.At the same time has a low price, good durability and the advantage of high covering power, very suitable for use of without too much crisper requirements of architectural coatings.
        In recent years, as environmental problem more and more attention from all walks of life, use a variety of iron scrap, and made in titanium white production by-products ferrous sulfate and other extraction of iron series pigments are shows incomparable advantages.
        China is one of the important origin of inorganic pigment primary products, domestic iron oxide pigments for the world's consumer spending contributed up to 38%.With the continuous improvement of production capacity and product quality of private enterprises, China is expected to become the real world in the near future inorganic pigment manufacturing center.

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