Non-standard use of iron oxide substances in the drug may bring some risks
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According to reports, Shanghai Food and Drug Laboratory have been studied elements in the study of the proportion of iron oxide coating materials, while monitoring a variety of heavy metals and harmful elements, the assessment of such substances of the risk, for the future to provide the basis for the development of limited edition. The results show that nearly half of the 443 batches of samples used in the coating material of iron oxide material. According to the daily consumption of each species and 443 batches of iron content of the test results, converted to the daily intake of iron, 192 batches of samples into the daily iron content of more than 10 mg, involving 44 companies 9 of which more than 90% of the iron produced by the coating material. In addition, the same enterprise in the same varieties of iron content differences, such as an enterprise production of compound Danshen tablets iron content range of difference of 3 times, indicating that iron oxide coating materials in the production of traditional Chinese medicine there is not standard use, the occurrence of such a situation and our country does not provide such substances in the use of drugs and the limits are closely related.

Non-standard use of iron oxide substances may bring some risks. Shanghai Food and Drug Administration, pharmacist Ji Shen said that under normal circumstances, the use of iron oxide substances as long as the maximum tolerance does not exceed the body, the risk is very small. But in the case of non-standard use, may lead to excessive risk of iron. Excessive iron may cause a lot of iron in the liver and spleen, causing cirrhosis of the liver, osteoporosis, cartilage calcification, leading to skin brownish-black or dark, so that reduced insulin secretion caused by diabetes, but also induced epilepsy. Foreign reports confirmed that excessive human intake of iron, may lead to abnormal accumulation of iron in the brain, causing Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. The reason is that iron ions in the human body has oxidation, will destroy the protein, DNA and other substances within the stability of cells to damage or even kill the neuronal cells.

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