What are the applications of iron oxide powder?
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Maybe a lot of friends don't know what the oxide powder is. What's his use? Red iron oxide is used as a coating on a building, when we walk in the street, you will see a lot of red line, that is using iron oxide red painted, there are a lot of the building wall has many designs is painted with red iron oxide.

In the market, iron oxide red is divided into two kinds: natural and artificial. Although the production process and operation process of them is different, but whether it is natural or artificial, characteristics of iron oxide red are the same, has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and covering ability, green environmental protection. Because of these characteristics, iron oxide red is used in many ways: first, iron oxide red is used for coating and material protection of interior and exterior walls, road surfaces. Iron oxide red is also used in finishes and primers in a variety of oil-based paint. In addition, we usually use cosmetics, leather and paper industry is also useful to iron oxide red to color. Iron oxide red is widely used in plastics, ceramics and other industries. Iron oxide red is used as a filler. From this point of view, iron oxide red is essential in today's society. Can bring more color to our society. Let our world is colorful.

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