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Iron oxide pigment is a kind of environmental protection natural inorganic color pigment. It is widely used and widely used. It has added a lot of color to our world. It is usually used in building, plastics and ceramics. Iron oxide pigments are essential in our lives, so let's look at iron oxide pigments.

Iron oxide used as a building paint will have enough resistance to alkali, like cement, lime and other alkaline substances are the strength of iron oxide pigment have anti alkaline, very good, no pulverization effect on cement building, does not affect its strength. Also has a good acid resistance, can be heated and concentrated in the case of gradually dissolved in strong acid. No matter how intense the sunlight is, no change in color occurs. No matter what season of spring, summer, autumn and winter he could not change because he was free from the influence of the climate. Iron oxide pigments are also very stable in stagnant gases such as carbon oxides and sulfur oxides. Finally, the iron oxide pigment is not affected by any organic solvent, and has good water resistance and solvent resistance.

These are the knowledge of iron oxide pigments. I don't know how much you remember In our daily life, iron oxide pigments can be seen everywhere, and our world can not be lack of color.

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