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Preparation method of iron oxide - 2016-12-30

Iron oxide preparation methods are devided into wet and dry method. Wet products are small crystalli

Iron Oxide Controlled Release Drugs - 2016-12-29

A team of researchers from the Interdisciplinary Center and Bar Ilan University in Israel designed a

Preparation of Iron Oxide by Colloid Chemical Meth... - 2016-12-29

The optimal preparation conditions of superfine iron oxide powders were studied by colloid chemistry

Preparation of nano-iron oxide particles - 2016-12-28

The -type nanometer-sized iron oxide was synthesized by homogeneous precipitation method and unifor

Research Progress of Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparti... - 2016-12-28

Iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles are chemically modified by the surface to obtain inorganic, organi

Superparamagnetic iron oxide particles - 2016-12-28

Preparation of dextran coated superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO) nanoparticles, and its main physic

Discussion on Activation Process of Iron Oxide in ... - 2016-12-27

Iron oxide plays an important role in the formation of neutral and acidic paddy soils as well as the

Iron oxide nanowire - 2016-12-27

The iron oxide has been widely used in pigments, magnetic recording materials and catalysts, etc. In

Transparent iron oxide pigments - 2016-12-27

In the presence of dispersant, ferrous sulfate is used as raw material and liquid ammonia as precipi

Embed iron oxide and other nanoparticles materials... - 2016-12-26

Last year, medical researchers at the University of Keele and the University of Nottingham made some