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Intravenous injection of nano iron oxide iron prod... - 2016-12-26

If patient has respiratory problems, hypotension, dizziness, swelling, rash or itching during or aft

Study on Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as Gene... - 2016-12-26

The feasibility of using iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles as gene carriers was evaluated. METHODS:

FDA for the development of nano-iron oxide more st... - 2016-12-23

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is setting stricter warnings and contraindications for the

Nano-iron oxide widely used - 2016-12-23

Macromolecule dextran embedded magnetic iron oxide can be used for liver and spleen of magnetic reso

Application of Nano Iron Oxide in Targeted Drugs a... - 2016-12-23

Nano-iron oxide is a very good catalyst. Nano--Fe2O3 will be made of hollow ball, floating in the w

Application of nano-iron oxide in ceramic material... - 2016-12-22

The iron oxide system ceramic is firstly used as a ferrite having a specific magnetic property and i

Application of iron oxide in magnetic materials or... - 2016-12-22

Nano-iron oxide has a unique optical, magnetic, thermal, catalytic and other properties, widely used

Preparation and Application of Iron Oxide Graphene... - 2016-12-21

Many methods have been reported for the preparation of iron oxide graphene composites. Such as the m

Present Status and Prospect of Research on Iron Ox... - 2016-12-21

The composites of iron oxide graphene are one of the star materials in the field of electrochemistry

Degradation Behavior of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles i... - 2016-12-20

Magnetic nanoparticles have unique physical and chemical properties and are the frontiers of emergin